Monday, August 4, 2008

Dressing Tips For Apple Shaped Figure

Every figure has positives and negatives about it. To know how to accentuate your positives and disguise the flaws is an art that everybody should possess. The apple shaped figure is one among with its pros and cons. This figure is large on the top and slender at the bottom. Thus also known as inverted triangle or apple shaped figure. Women having top-heavy figure search for the dresses that downplay their problem areas and highlight the best ones.

Suitable dresses for the top-heavy figure are the ones that minimize the bust and shoulder area and give emphasize on the hips and legs, characteristics of this figure. Dresses should also impart a stylish, confident, glamorous, sexy, simple and sophisticated look. These features are the essentials that every woman looks for. Upcoming trends in dresses have brought the solution for every figure. The ones that will enhance the show of top-heavy figures should possess qualities mentioned below:

1) Women having big busts wear the wrong sizing bras that gives a protruding shape to cups. So wear a high quality bra for their proper look. It will enhance the entire body splendidly.

2) Full flared skirts or gowns are a great solution that gives top-heavy figure a balanced shape. Flare of the skirt makes shoulders, bust and hips of the same proportion, thus giving an appearance of hourglass figure, the choice of all women. A-line dresses are accurate example.

3) Do not add any detail for enhancement around the bust area to avoid the bulgy look. Unwantedly it will take attention to busts. Instead of that add details to the lower part to balance the appearance. Details like pockets, patterns, textures, etc can be added.

4) Be very careful while choosing a neckline, much depends on them that can avert the top-heavy look. First of all do not wear high necklines dresses like polo neck, rolled collars, etc. They carry attention upwards giving shoulder a wider look. Low necklines and V-neckline is a good choice as it provides slim look and takes eye downward.

5) Shiny, bright and light colors always draws attention. So wear them on the lower part and dark colors on the top. It will not get noticed your top-heavy part.

6) Hemlines quickly catch the attention so be careful while choosing your garment length. Keep your hemline below the knees but little above the ankles.

7) Wear jackets of the length till hip portion. This will provide an illusion of a balanced figure.

8) Dresses having low-waist silhouettes like drop-waist dresses, pants or skirts with a low rise are a perfect wear for a top-heavy figure as they add more dimensions to the lower part.

9) Sleeves of the dress are also a great way that imparts slender appearance to apple shaped figures. Bell sleeves add extra weight to the lower part thus giving top half slimmer look. They also draw attention to the hips. Raglan sleeves also draw the eye downward.

10) Beautiful legs can also take attention away from the top part by wearing short skirts that shows them off.

11) Do not wear baggy clothes, as it will impersonate that you are trying to hide something. It’s a bad attempt, as they will give you even bigger look.

12) Halter dresses, thin spaghetti straps dresses and strapless dresses are also not for top-heavy figures as they emphasize shoulders thus imparting a larger appearance.

These tips are just a small practice to make you realize that never get upset with your figure ever; instead try to enhance it. Apple shaped figure women can make the most of their figure just by following these simple suggestions.

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